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See CumulusUtils (sub-Forum)

CumulusUtils is a full application program that generates a Fire Weather Index web page, gauges, graphs, reports, a top ten, a dayfile reader (YADR), NOAA report reader pages and several others mentioned in the forum article. The application works on copies of MX datafiles and can generate a web site with uploads of all these pages or the pages can be generated separately as individual modules. See the Forum article for full functionality and usage details, including how your own web pages, or other extensions, can be linked in through the user menu. This series of Wiki articles is supposed to act as manual. If you find errors, please correct them or inform the author.

Linked below are the articles in which all functionality is described, how to activate it and its parameters. These Wiki articles were originally based on the Manual which was in the distribution but is no longer maintained and has been removed.

The initial writing of this series of articles started end of march 2021 and was ready in raw form on the 16th of April. The pages have been updated when required. If any error found, please correct or notify HansR

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