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A requirement for any weather website is a records page of weather parameters like temperatures, pressure, wind speed etc... showing the records overall, per year and per month.

CumulusUtils has a record page for a limited set of variables (similar to the Top10) on which the different selections are choosable through a menu.


This module is included in the website. When needed as a single output the following command is given:

   utils/bin/cumulusutils.exe Records


The output is the file: records.txt.

Inifile parameters

This module has no inifile parameters.

NOTE: The Top10 inifile parameters for colouring are used. The section name has not been unified for historical reasons.

Inner working

The record values are determined by selecting sublists from the main list of the dayfile. Records are selected by year and then by month for that year, selecting the sublists as required.

After determining the record values, the HTML tables are created with

and classes crafted such that the menu manipulation is possible. Using the sliding feature of the jQuery library a nice visual sliding up/down effect is reached.