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To complete the records pages for CumulusUtils the records for each day of the year are kept. The display in the table is for minimum and maximum temperature (with their respective minimum and maximum values), wind and rain extremes. If a record is set over the past 365 days the value is given a special color. As is clear from what is displayed, this table only begins to get its value after two years.


This module is included in the website. When needed as a single output the following command is given:

   utils/bin/cumulusutils.exe DayRecords


The output is the file: dayrecords.txt

Inifile parameters

UseScrollableTables=true (section [General]

NOTE: Contrary to the Records page, the inifile Top10 parameters for colouring are NOT used. Also the colours used for emphasizing records are non-configurable. The contradiction of the use of colours without the possibility to configure those has been noted. It may be corrected in future.

Internal working

Looping over all months and all days within a month for each variable the max or min value on that specific day is selected. If the date of that maximum or minimum is less than a year away the highlight colour is set and the value is written out to the table.