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An exceptional commandline parameter is UserAskedData. The purpose of this commandline parameter is to activate the data generator for data which are not supplied by CMX. CMX itself has many options to supply the data in JSON format for the charts available in CMX, but CumulusUtils provides possibilities for more charts and therefore may need other or more data. Those data are generated and uploaded by the command:

utils/cumulusutils.exe UserAskedData

Note that CMX uploads its JSON's to its configured FTP directory. CumulusUtils uploads all its files to what it understands as being the webroot. Those two can be the same or they can deviate. In the last case CumulusUtils has to find the datafiles of CMX by setting the parameter CumulusRealTimeLocation.

CumulusUtils adheres to the JSON format as adopted by CumulusMX. It also takes the FTP frequency as configured in the Interval Settings of CumulusMX (Normal Interval Setting)

The following four modules depend on UserAskedData: ChartsCompiler, AirLink, ExtraSensors and Custom Logs. If any of these modules are used, CumulusUtils needs to be executed in the scheduler with the parameter UserAskedData on the FTP frequency as set in CMX (Normal Interval Setting).

The data is read between a Start date and an End date. The start date is defined by the Now minus the number of hours on a chart as defined in CMX. The End date is determined by the moment the UserAskedData procedure starts and is the last period End moment (so if started today at 13h04 with a 5 minute period, the end time is today at 13h00).

In case of incremental upload, the Startdate is defined by the Now minus the date/time of the last upload.

inifile paremeters

For the UserAskedData there are no setup parameters but the feature remembers the date time of the last upload (RECENT and similar plotvariables) and for the daily uploads (ALL and DAILY plotvariables). Removing these parameters will reset the uploads and the next upload will be full and the parameters will be regenerated and set.

LastUploadTime=     ; managed by CumulusUtils, no manual configuration 
[Compiler] DoneToday=  ; managed by CumulusUtils, no manual configuration
[CustomLogs] DoneToday=  ; managed by CumulusUtils, no manual configuration

NOTE: ExtraSensors don't have ALL or DAILY plotvariables. The AirLink sensor has no configuration for data but when activated, the data is implicitly generated.