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When moving around the Cumulus Wiki a number of 'tabs' may appear at the top of the page


Use this tab to add comments that are not shown on the page itself.

If you are logged in, you might contribute here something relevant to the current page, perhaps suggesting a change to the content of a page. Others can then add their comments and you can agree how to move forward.

Please add ~~~~ at the end of your comment. Those four tilde symbols ensure that your username appears together with a timestamp, so others know who commented and when.

View Source

If you are not logged in, you can select this tab to see the raw text that has been formatted for you. This is the source, or WikiText, of a page and will let you see how it has been written.

If you are logged in, this tab is replaced by next one.


If you are logged in, and have permission, you can modify the contents of the whole page by selecting this tab.

If you are not logged in, this tab is replaced by previous one.


This will show the history of how a page evolved. You can compare any two versions of the page, for example the current and the previous to show all the changes. This is useful when reviewing someone elses edits.


By default most pages can be edited by all registered users. You may wish to protect your own homepage.

Administrative users have protected some pages:

  • Important pages, like the Main Page, where they don't want standard users to make edits
  • Historic pages, like Cumulus.ini_(Cumulus_1), which relate to the legacy Cumulus software, and should not be edited to cover MX


This tab, is only available, if you are logged in

If you are interested in being made aware of any edits to a page, or need to treat the page as a favourite you can find easily, click this tab.

You can then quickly come back to it by using the 'my watchlist' at the top of the page.