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As a user you may perform a number of tasks on the Wiki:


As with all Wiki's everyone is free to read the content on the site. As you read an article you may follow links to other pages on our Wiki or externally. Links within our Wiki are shown in blue. Links to external sites are shown in blue with an arrow proceeding them. If you come across a link in red, this means the page you are linking to has yet to be created.


You are free to copy and reference any content on the site but you must provide a link back to the original article in our Wiki.


On the left of every page is a search bar -- in here type any word or phrase.

Go button

Clicking the GO button will attempt to take you to the page with the exact word or phrase you have typed. Use this as quick way to navigate to a page you know already exists.

Search button

Click the Search button will perform an extensive search of all the pages in our Wiki in an attempt to find your word or phrase. The results will be displayed in a new page for you to review and refine.

  • Searching is case insensitive -- searching for weather, Weather, or WEATHER return the same results
  • Search for a complete phrase using quotation marks. Example "Cumulus software"
  • Wildcard searching -- wind* would find Wind, Windy, Windspeed....

For extensive assistance on how to search, see here

Contributing to the Wiki

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the Cumulus Wiki. You may either edit an existing page or create new ones. Before editing you must register with us, which is a simple process.

When writing or editing a page you will be expected to adhere to simple rules on formatting. It may take a few minutes to get used to the new style of coding, however it becomes second nature very quickly and you can easily produce an informative page with minimum effort.

For help on writing in the Wiki style click here

Communicate with others

If you wish to leave a message for another user on the Cumulus Wiki use the 'talk' option.

  1. First click on the Users name to show their Page and then their 'talk' tab.
    • (Typically you see user names in the History tab of a page).
    • Either Edit the page
    • or Create a new one if no one has talked to the user before.
  2. After typing your message it is good etiquette to mark your message with the date, time and your username (so that they can respond).
    • To quickly do this, end your message with four tilde symbols ~~~~ for just Wiki user name, or 5 tilde ~~~~~ for time and date

Once you save the page:

  • the user will receive an email message to say their talk page has been updated.
  • a banner will be displayed at the top of the page when they login.


Registration is only require if you wish to edit or create pages. Rather than allow anonymous editing, we ask that you take a few minutes to register. We will activate your account and you are free to contribute to the Wiki. By doing this we aim to protect the Wiki from malicious use and the integrity of the information contained within.

Please note that during activation you will be sent an email to confirm your address, once done a manual review process is necessary and this may take a little time to complete depending on what time of day you register.

To register for a free account either use the 'Log in' option at the top right of any page and Request an account or simply click here