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Cumulus Version MX Specific MX only

This Wiki category was created when MX was a Steve Loft beta with limited functionality, it was unclear which pages should reference this category, and this category may be deprecated, or deleted in future, because Category:Files with Comma Separated Values has superseded it now Mark Crossley has further developed MX.

The file types used by Cumulus

Essentially, there are 2 file types used by all flavours of Cumulus:

  1. .ini file type - these hold values that represent sums, counts, or extremes, for cumulus to read, and update, as it reads the weather observations, click on Category:Ini Files for details.
  2. .txt file type - these are the logs that Cumulus updates at defined intervals to hold details of what has happened, but it can also read these files when requested, click on Category:Files with Comma Separated Values for details.

Note that there are a few .txt files, in this category, that do not use comma separated value format, like the NOAA style files in "Reports" folder. That is why this category still exists!

Badge v1.png The following types were used by Cumulus 1:

  1. .rec file type - this has been deprecated, and replaced by .ini, for details see Alltime.ini.
  2. .xml file type - this holds the Cumulus 1 Weather_Diary. Although it uses standard XML, the component that Cumulus 1 uses also writes a special value that other XML editors will not understand.

Badge vMx.png The following types are only used by MX:

  1. .db file type - there are two of these for Cumulus MX, click on Diary.db or Cumulusmx.db for details.
  2. .json file type - these hold data to be sent to a web server, please see .json files category for details. See MX announcements for more details, as this functionality varies depending on your MX release.

Differences in .txt files

The files linked below all use plain text, so that they can be edited outside Cumulus. There are a number of formats.

The files will be different depending on the device running MX. So on Microsoft Windows Operating System each line is terminated by a pair of characters (CR and LF), on a UNIX-derived system where Linux uses just LF to end a line, and some versions of Mac Operating System use just CR to terminate each line.

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