What to do when I have a problem with MX

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The Cumulus MX FAQ page (should be) being updated to answer a lot of the questions you might have.

If that does not help...

If your question relates do an ongoing problem with using MX, then please follow these instructions, don't just post "Help me":

  1. ) Make the MX diagnostics functionality useful by turning on debugging:
    • In admin interface Settings tab, Program settings -->> Program General Options (old releases of MX did not have Program settings, for those use Station Settings -->>Options section ), select debug logging (and if communications between weather station and MX are relevant select data logging too).
      • This adds a lot of extra diagnostics information to the MX log designed to help answer questions when someone has a problem.
    • Alternatively, restart MX with debugging turned on by adding
  2. ) If your problem relates to uploading to your remote web server, then in admin interface, settings tab, Internet Settings screen, Web/FTP settings section, about 2/3 way down, select FTP logging (this may not help if you use a secure transfer method of SFTP or FTPS).
  3. ) Leave MX running for a while, hopefully long enough for several instances of your problem to reoccur
  4. ) Stop MX (control C is running interactively, relevant stop command for your operating system if running as service)
  5. ) zip the latest log file updated in CumulusMX/MXdiags folder. Check whether any previous file(s) in the folder was/were modified during the period of interest, if so add that/them to zip.
    • Add into zip, any log files from data sub-folder that seem relevant to your question, strings.ini if you have created such a file, and any other files you have modified from their content in the MX distribution if those files are relevant to your problem. If in 2, you have selected ftp logging, add Ftplog.txt into zip.
    • It is dangerous to add Cumulus.ini to your zip, as that file contains passwords that would enable someone to hack your installation. If you have settings that relate to your problem, it is better to take a screen shot of the relevant settings. (If you are asked to provide your configuration file, take a copy, edit out any password lines in that copy, and put the edited copy into the zip).
  6. ) At this point you can optionally try restarting MX
  7. ) Now ask your question in the correct sub-forum Cumulus MX Current (releases since b3043) .
  8. ) Use the attachment tab below the posting window to upload your zip. In the post explain your problem, and quote any settings (do not disclose passwords) that might be relevant. Also state what device you are running MX on, and on what device you view the admin interface. If using FTP is relevant, then state which protocol you have selected.
  9. ) If your problem relates to uploading, some information on your web server structure (e.g. have you created any folders not included in the webfiles sub-folder of release) can help.
  10. ) If your problem relates to the admin interface, state the exact URL for the relevant page.
  11. ) If your problem relates to web pages on your own web server (not server generated for the admin interface) say so, say whether you are using standard web pages or those by a third party or indeed your own creations, and (if relevant) quote any jQuery version and/or PHP version.
  12. ) If your problem relates to database tables, state what database software you use (e.g. MariaSQL),
    • Give information about the creation of tables:
      • if MX created your tables, then which MX release created the tables,
      • or if tables created independent of MX, what schema they use (list of column names).
    • Tell us if these tables are updated by MX standard uploads, by custom uploads, or by your own routines.
  13. ) Given the right information, as listed above, other people can answer your questions more easily.

If your question does not directly relate to using MX, then there are other sub-forums available at Cumulus Support Forum where you can post your question giving relevant supporting information, that might include a link to a web page relating to your problem.