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Name: Cumulus WeatherConsole
Type: HTML & Javascript
Author: David Jamieson
Contact: DAJ
Last update: 12 Jan 2010
Version: 1.2

The WeatherConsole is an simple web page presenting 'live' and automatically updating information to viewers. It is a text based display, and is easily customised to suit your own site design.

Click on the example screen shot on the right. Alternatively see the console live at

Example screen


  • a website
  • Cumulus realtime.txt file being updated regularly by Cumulus

The Basics

  • download the following
  • Unzip the contents (five files will be extracted)
  • Edit the file wconsole.js. There are two lines which need modified at the top. The location of your realtime.txt data file, and how often to refresh the display.
  • Copy all the files to your web site into a subfolder, or the root -- your choice
  • open wconsole.html in a browser


By default the Console is displayed within a current browser, however clicking on the icon on the bottom right of the screen will pop-out the Console to it's own window and can be left running in the background.

Possible problems

  • If the WeatherConsole can not find your realtime.txt file it will give an error. Check the setting in wconsole.js. The location is typically a folder location on your webserver. Examples could be /realtime.txt or /data/realtime.txt


  • Edit wconsole.html and modify the wording after <TITLE> on the 6th line. This is the text to be displayed in the title bar at the top of the window. You may also wish to edit line 20 to a more personalised title shown within the browser itself.
  • All colouring can be adjusted in the stylesheet file wconsole.css

Version Control

1.2 Fixed problem with Beaufort descriptions; two were missing!

1.1 Added 'pop-out' feature

1.0 Public launch

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