Version 1.9.2

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This is not the current version

Release Dates:
June 05, 2011 (build 990)
For inbetween builds see here
October 5, 2011 (build 1017)
October 12, 2011 (build 1018)
October 19, 2011 (build 1019)
November 1, 2011 (build 1020)
November 28, 2011 (build 1021)
December 1, 2011 (build 1022)
December 11, 2011 (build 1023)
December 16, 2011 (build 1024)
December 25, 2011 (build 1025)
December 27, 2011 (build 1026)
January 6, 2012 (build 1027)
January 20, 2012 (build 1028)
January 25, 2012 (build 1029)
February 10, 2012 (build 1030)
March 12, 2012 (build 1031)
March 20, 2012 (build 1032)

Changes from version 1.9.1:

  • Web service (e.g. WU) 'catch up' is now optional
  • New 'catch up' indicator to show when 'catch up' is taking place
  • Display update during logger download can be turned off
  • Fix incorrect 'rain since midnight' value if Cumulus restarted on first of month
  • Change sunshine hours total to be midnight to midnight on all systems
  • Correct CWOP upload to send 'rain since midnight' rather than 'rain since rollover' (for 0900 rollover users)
  • Added support for Weatherbug Backyard
  • Added support for UK Met Office Weather Observations Website
  • Added support for Oregon Scientific WMR88/100/200 stations
  • Increase allowed range of WH3080 UV readings
  • Add rain rate and 'rain last hour' spike filters
  • Graph titles configurable via strings.ini - see samplestrings.ini file
  • Added 'web update' to task bar icon menu
  • Added ability to edit today's rain total - see edit menu
  • Option to restart if data stops
  • Added calibration offset for UV readings
  • Added "Chill Hours" (for fruit growing)
  • Option to ignore La Crosse clock on archive downloads
  • This Month/Year/all-time record daily wind run + web tags
  • Round start time on Select-A-Graph down to nearest minute
  • Add new 'this month' and 'this year' web pages
  • New web tags:
    • <#forecastnumber> is always set even if Cumulus forecast not in use
    • <#cumulusforecast> - always gives Cumulus (Zambretti) forecast
    • <#wsforecast> - always gives station forecast (if available)
    • <#HighWindrunRecordSet> (=1 if 'all time high wind run' LED is lit, otherwise 0)
    • <#wetbulb>
    • <#timeUTC>
  • Don't plot wind chill until first value calculated
  • Don't reset rain counter if Davis logger doesn't go back far enough to fill the gap since previous run
  • Change La Crosse station forecast to 'Clear' instead of 'Sunny', at night
  • Today's dominant (i.e. average) wind direction (in degrees) added to dayfile.txt
  • New 'dominant wind direction' web tags.
  • Heating and Cooling Degree Days added to dayfile.txt
  • New heating/cooling degree days web tags:
  • NOOA-style monthly and annual reports
  • Internet uploads are now on the hour and every N minutes after, if the supplied interval is a factor of 60.
  • Current log file can be specified as a web upload - <currentlogfile>
  • Graph display interval can now be set to any value
  • Added Davis reception stats
  • Option to execute external program after daily rollover
  • Initial support for Blake-Larsen sun recorder
  • Dayfile.txt editor
  • Consecutive rain/dry days
  • Multiplier calibration for UV
  • Graphs window can appear on task bar
  • Last 24 hour rain total
  • Daily temperature range, with highs and lows


  • Fixes a problem with the creation of the 'wxnow.txt' file


  • Corrects a few tooltips
  • Prevents a crash in the dayfile.txt editor if dayfile.txt doesn't exist
  • Fixes a bug in the dayfile.txt editor which caused the 'create missing' facility to miss certain days


  • Fixes a problem with monthly rain calculation at start up for people who use an 0900 start of day


  • Shows number of logger entries downloaded for WMR200 stations
  • Support for pond sensor for WMR88/100
  • Background colour of data value digits on main screen can now be configured
  • New web tag <#IsSunUp> gives 1 between sunrise and sunset, otherwise 0


  • Fixes <#IsSunUp> web tag
  • Error log window now has 'clear' button
  • Attempt to fix problem of La Crosse rain counter calculation going negative


  • Correct wind chill decode on WMR88/100/200
  • Encode colon as &3A in PWS Weather upload timestamps, to see if unencoded was causing a problem with 'catch up'


  • Reduces default height of NOAA report displays so that the controls are available on smaller screens
  • Correct 'days of rain' counts on NOAA annual reports
  • Correct max rain amount and date on NOAA annual reports
  • Increase precision of pressure sent to WOW/WU/PWS


  • Fix <#IsSunUp> time zone problem
  • Fix Davis 'wake up' issue so AltimeterPressure reported to CWOP doesn't get stuck at the same value
  • NOAA reports now label the 'days of rain' with '<=' to match what the code actually does
  • New web tags:
    • <#DavisFirmwareVersion> - The console firmware version (Davis stations only)
    • <#TempChangeLastHour> - The change in temperature over the last hour. The value can also be seen on the main screen as a 'mouseover' on the temperature trend value
    • New web tags giving the recent wind bearing extremes: <#BearingRangeFrom>, <#BearingRangeTo>, <#BearingRangeFrom10>, <#BearingRangeTo10>


  • Stops the dayfile.txt editor crashing if an empty dayfile.txt exists
  • Fixes a problem with rain rate calculation on La Crosse stations when logger data is used


  • Fix WS23xx apparent temperature values at start up
  • Fix WMR100 (etc) 'last data read' in status bar, and also allow 'data stopped' detection
  • Option in cumulus.ini to stop new Longest Wet/Dry Period records being 'flashed'. Add a line to the [Station] section:
  • Send average wind bearing to CWOP/APRS instead of instantaneous, as they require
  • Option to flash error light when 'spike removal' operates - see calibration screen for setting


  • Fix 'wind bearing range' web tags when wind is/has been calm
  • Fix negative (°F) temperatures in wxnow.txt


  • Fix high gust bearing in 'create missing' facility in dayfile.txt editor
  • Use configured filename format for manual saves of NOAA annual reports
  • New HTML-encoded versions of some web tags:
    • <#currcondenc> - the same as <#currcond> but also has characters above code 159 encoded as HTML entities
    • <#forecastenc> - the same as <#forecast> but with all reserved HTML characters, and those above character code 159, encoded as HTML entities
    • <#cumulusforecastenc> - the same as <#cumulusforecast> but with all reserved HTML characters, and those above character code 159, encoded as HTML entities
    • <#wsforecastenc> - the same as <#wsforecast> but with all reserved HTML characters, and those above character code 159, encoded as HTML entities


  • Fix '0.0' entries in dayfile editor when decimal comma is in use
  • Put time of last rain tip as a mouseover on today's rain total on main screen
  • Allow Cumulus pressure trend names to be used with Davis stations if the station won't supply its own strings (it seems the original Vantage Pro won't)
  • Allow plots on Select-A-Graph to be assigned to the left or right axis. This allows two items to be compared when they have large differences in their scales, e.g. UV and solar.


  • Fix bug with download of logger data from Fine Offset with solar sensor when station is logging to first address
  • One or both grids can be turned off on Select-A-Graph
  • Fix wind chill read from WMR88/100/200 when less than 0 Fahrenheit
  • Added a bit more diags logging at start up


  • Prevents a crash in the USB code at start up on some systems
  • Added a command-line parameter - "noUSB" to prevent the USB code being initialised.