Version 1.8.5

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Release Date: February 12, 2009

(This version is not the current version)

Fix List

  • Attempt to fix startup problem when shut down just before midnight
  • Stopped old backups going into recycle bin
  • Added support for Twitter (
  • Changed wind gauge so it continues to re-scale up to a max of 200
  • Allowed main window to be resized smaller (with scroll bars)
  • Added printer selection dialogue to Print function
  • Added print function to Graphs form
  • Added archive data count to status bar
  • Prevent crash when no printer installed
  • Fix problem with all-time low pressure when offset in use
  • Fix wrong times for some of today’s extremes
  • Add WMR928 extra sensor display
  • Extra debugging for Fine Offset rain rate
  • Fixed ‘ghost’ rain rate just after startup
  • Added wind chill to logs and graphs
  • Added UV and Solar Rad to Wunderground and PWSweather updates
  • Fixed some problems with dewpoint and windchill on Fine Offset
  • Add offset facility for inside temperature
  • Don’t put leading slash on realtime.txt path if ftp directory is blank
  • Attempt to detect WS2300 sensors disconnected
  • Fix a missing day rollover problem
  • Changed temperature chart so temperature line is always on top
  • Removed temperature cutoff from chill calc
  • Attempt to cater for displays less than 1024×768
  • Added APRS humidity cutoff for quirky OS sensors (set via ini file)
  • More filtering for bad WS2300 data
  • Fixed WS2300 bad pressure data check for “in Hg” units
  • Allow for rain multiplier at rollover (incorrect this month and year displayed)
  • Correct WS2300 rain total when gauge (but not console) has been reset
  • Allow manual input of Fine Offset pressure offset (set via ini file)
  • Cater for Fine Offset humidity ‘underflow’ value of FF
  • Options to not send UV and SolarRad to Weather Underground and PWS Weather
  • Clock now has 12-hour display option (click on it)
  • Changed extra file processing to use unique filename for each file
  • Added support for Vantage Pro USB and TCP/IP connection
  • Fixed a problem with WS23xx history download
  • Create realtime.txt file even if realtime not in use