Version 1.8.4

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Release Date: December 21, 2008

(This version is not the current version)

Fix List

  • Added ET,UV and Solar Rad for Davis stations
  • Added pressure range config for forecast
  • Added config for FTP port number
  • Improved Fine Offset rain rate calculation
  • Display Davis transmitter battery status
  • Fixed an error in one of the forecast strings
  • Fixed a startup problem for some Fine Offset users
  • Added battery status for WMR-928 (etc)
  • Added ET,UV and SolarRad to realtime.txt
  • Fixed <#temptrendtext> tag for deg F users
  • Fixed colour change for daily rain chart
  • Increased pressure and ET resolution by 1 dp for Davis
  • Added experimental forced VP barometer update
  • Help now has search facility
  • Prevent calibrated humidity being >100 or <0
  • Fixed ET decimal places
  • Added day length, moonrise, and moonset times, with web tags
  • Added ‘delete before upload’ option for ftp
  • Improved ftp connect timeout handling
  • Added resize option for web graph files
  • Added <#windrunY> web tag - yesterday’s wind run
  • Added extra debugging for WS2300
  • Changed latitude/longitude/elevation web tag output to have  
  • Fixed WS2300 absolute pressure in history data bug
  • Fixed garbage entry when downloading WS2300 history
  • Ignore dubious relative pressure reading at startup (Fine Offset)
  • Save backups of data files at startup
  • Use different temp filenames for realtime.txt uploads
  • Adds 10-minute average wind bearing (degrees) to realtime.txt
  • Add latest gust to data log
  • Option to plot latest gust instead of recent max gust
  • Option to display bearing of zero degrees and ‘—’ when calm
  • Added ‘rain last hour’ to realtime.txt