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Name: Under the Weather
Type: iPhone App
Author: Rock Cold Limited
Contact: info@undertheweather.co.nz
Last update: 4 Oct 2011
Version: 1.2

Under the Weather is an iPhone (and soon to be Android) app allowing you to access real time weather data from amateur and professional weather stations around the globe. The App costs £1.49 UK, $1.99 US, $2.59 NZ

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Station Summary
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Current feature list

  • Keep up to date while you're out & about. Hundreds of locations already available, more added everyday.
  • Submit your own forecast & weather pics, then share on your favourite social media sites
  • View the latest key data on your home screen icon
  • View recent a varied of weather data in tabular or graph format


  • iPhone


Download from the iTunes or Android (coming soon) store via the link on the official website http://undertheweather.co.nz/


As a Cumulus user you may freely add your data to the Under The Weather system. Visit the website and click on the 'Submit your station' link. The only requirement is that your station is uploading realtime data to a public website. Note, you do not need to send realtime data every few seconds, but could for example configure Cumulus to upload it once every 15 minutes.

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Version Control

  • 1.2 -- Auto Login; kPa & inches added for pressure; improved forecast; improved stability & performance
  • 1.1 -- Official Launch

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