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MCrossley: I cannot edit this page, but I suggest that we have two versions of the Webtags pages. One organised as the current page, the other like the beta wegtags page. That would mean two links from this page.

Sfws 17:36, 28 November 2012 (UTC)

(1) I agree with having the two links under 'Cumulus'; one called 'Latest release Webtags', the other called 'Beta Webtags'

(2) Under articles on this page it lists a category of 'Web site tips' However, if you follow that link you get a category of 'WebTips' (note capitalisation). I wrote a new page and tried to link it into the category, but neither worked for me. I followed the help, so I hope it is a fault with the definition of the category, not me making typos. Whichever, I would like my article on HTML and script to be in the category, not an orphan.

MCrossley: I can probably edit the page now I have admin, so I'll look at making two links as per (1) - DONE.

(2) What is the name of the page you were trying to link to on WebTips? OK got it, the problem was you had placed in the the category "Web Tips", the correct category is "WebTips" Sfws 21:35, 28 November 2012 (UTC)Thank you Mark (for both the web tags text change and the category correction), so it was a typo by me when I deleted 5 characters from 'Web site tips'. Having seen both changes, I understand now that what appears on Main page is descriptive not the actual categories. It makes sense, but my brain did not work it out before.