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Name: SensorContact
Type: HTML & PHP
Author: Jason Duncombe
Contact: 6719jason via Forum
Last update: 13th Jan 2010
Version: 1.0

Sensor Contact shows the if Contact with the External Weather Station Sensors has been lost or established.

You will need to be uploading the PHP Webtags to use this script.

This script relies on PHP so your webserver must support it (The majority of hosted servers do. If you are running your own webserver you many need to install and configure it)


Download SensorContact.txt and rename it to sensorcontact.php


Open Sensorcontact.php in a Text Editor (Notepad+, gEdit) and ensure that the following line refers to the location of your cumuluswebtags.php -- <?php require_once ("./cumuluswebtags"); -- Make any changes to its location and save. Ensure you do not change the php extension to anything else but php.

Upload the file to your website directory.

Open up a web browser and navigate to http://yourwebsite/sensorcontact.php and you should see the output of the Script - If you do not, you have not correctly configured the location of cumuluswebtags.php or your server does not support php or you have not navigated to the correct file.

If all displays correctly, Use the following code on your webpage to include the output on your website -- <?php require_once ("./sensorcontact.php"); ?>


Sensor Contact Test Page

Download Location

You can download the latest and previous versions, directly from the forum Sensor Contact TXT