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Cumulus Version 1 Specific

It is a relatively simple process to move your Cumulus installation to a different folder on your PC, or in fact a completely different PC.

For the purposes of this article we shall assume Cumulus is current installed in c:\program files\Cumulus and we are moving to c:\cumulus.

Before doing anything, close the Cumulus application. and most importantly take a backup of all your files.

There are a number of ways to do this.....

Take a copy:

  • goto the c:\program files folder in Windows Explorer
  • right click on the 'Cumulus folder and select Copy.
  • Go to another location -- for example My Documents or c:\temp
  • right click and Create a folder, name it and then double click into the folder
  • right click and Paste


Zip the folder

  • goto the c:\program files folder in Windows Explorer
  • right click on the Cumulus folder and select Compress.
  • once the contents are compressed, Windows will allow you to name the file -- call is for example

And now, moving the Cumulus application and your data....

  • Uninstall Cumulus -- Click Start, Programs, Cumulus and select the Uninstall option.
  • Download the Cumulus setup from
  • Install Cumulus, but during installation change the folder to C:\Cumulus
  • Allow the installation to complete however at the end of the process remove the tick to "Launch Cumulus" as we do not want to do this just yet.

Now, let us put your old data in the new installation....

  • In Windows Explorer goto c:\program files\Cumulus
  • Right click on 'data' and select copy
  • Navigate to c:\cumulus in Windows Explorer
  • Right click and select Paste
  • You will be told the folder already exists, click "Yes to All" to overwrite
  • Now repeat the process...goto c:\program files\cumulus; right click on cumulus.ini; return to c:\cumulus; right click; paste. (Note, depending on your Windows setup the cumulus.ini file many simply show as 'Cumulus' and the 'type' of file is Configuration File -- this is the same file)
  • again, the same for strings.ini -- you may not have this file if you have done no customisation
  • If you customised any of your web templates, take a copy of the 'web' folder from your backup and paste this into c:\cumulus; again overwriting the files

If you are moving Cumulus to a different PC, you should make sure that all of your Windows settings for date and time formats, decimal and list separators etc are the same on the new PC as they were on the old PC, or you will have problems!

Now start Cumulus in the normal way.

It should start-up as normal; you should not be asked any setup questions and all your data should be there. The quickest way to confirm your data is correct would be to view the graphs. If you can see Temperature Min/Max then you have your historic data. If you can see Outside Temperature data you also have today's data.

If you previously asked Cumulus to process and/or upload additional files to the web you should confirm all the file locations within Configuration, Internet, Files. Specifically check the Local Filenames as these may have moved

Your move is done!

Once you are happy with the Cumulus installation you can remove the remainder of the c:\program files\cumulus folder by deleting it in Windows Explorer