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Original text when Wiki first created

This text was inserted by "DAJ" and has been retained, although it was written when MX did not exist.

As we are in the early stages of the Wiki, I thought we could make a list of Pages/Articles we would likes to see on the Wiki.

Please feel free to add to/revise the list.

  • It is useful if the Wiki includes the information found in the Cumulus help in the installation files (as a start), and then make the page more useful by working through the forum looking for answers and hints of general use.

How to start contributing

If you wish to work on a new page, see Help:Contents/Editing for advice.

It is best to keep pages short, and often you will be creating new pages. Ensure your new page can be found by adding:

You may see posts in the support forum containing information that you think should be made easier to find. The Wiki is a good place to put that content. Think carefully about where to put it:

  • should you start a new page,
  • or should you add it to an existing page (using a new heading)?

Pages for recent graphs and historic graphs were first created a decade or more ago, and moved to there current page names in 2012, but nobody has got round to adding any documentation on either page.

Any page that has [[Template:WorkInProgressBanner]] on it is waiting for a contributor to do more work there, can you help?

Got questions?

If you wish to participate, but are unsure where to start, please contact SaratogaWX via his talk page, and he can assist with a template/starting point, or answer any specific questions.

If you are unsure whether it is best to start a new page or not (or uncertain what to name your new page),

  • go into the discussion tab of this page
  • say what you propose, or what you are uncertain about
  • and add your Wiki name and date/time, using multiple tilde characters e.g. ~~~~ or ~~~~~
  • use Show Preview to check your typing, before you Save Changes
  • Other people can then, join the discussion, and give further advice.

The problem is that people may not be monitoring these discussion pages, so you can also post your suggestion in

We are currently looking for:

  • Pages about all the external sites Cumulus can upload to
    • For example APRS, CWOP, Weather Underground,PWS, Weatherbug and WOW interfacing hints
  • Pages about using Cumulus with each of the supported Weather stations
    • Most past contributors have used cheap Fine Offset models, so you will find Category:StationSpecific is dominated by those models
    • MX has greatly extended the devices it supports, but nobody has yet created any pages to cover any of these
  • Contributors to update Wiki
    • Read Announcements made by developer, and update/create pages, to reflect the announced bug-fixes, and new functionality
      • Some pages have boxes that indicate out of date information (often indicating which release they were last updated for)
      • New functionality probably merits new pages, the Wiki was created for original Cumulus, and not based around MX functionality
  • Extra Sensors
Someone needs to write a page explaining how Cumulus 1 handles Extra sensors
MX releases have been refining handling of sensors. Can you write a page explaining how the handling has changed for different MX builds.