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This article lists in concise tabular format all MX releases starting at build 3045, the first with significant updates.

Mark Crossley brought MX out of the beta development with build 3050, but the preceding few builds contained important changes they are worth including here.

The very first version 3.0.0 build by Mark was 3044 which included some elements that were in Steve Loft's source (left to the Community when as part of his retirement he gave up involvement in Cumulus) but had not been previously released. However, 3044, 3045, 3046 were all experimental in that they tried to fix certain bugs and prepare a basis from which later builds could start really introducing new functionality, you can look them up at MX Current (releases since b3043) in support forum.

The purpose of this article is to make it easier to look up what features were introduced at each version. It uses material taken from the support forum, both from the release announcements and from discussions about problems and fixes mentioned elsewhere, as often the official release announcement focusses on how affects user and does not cover all bug fixes and code improvements.

This article is NOT a comprehensive guide to what you need to do when upgrading. If you are using an old version and wish to know what version to update to, please see detailed advice in Updating MX to new version article.

This article is updated independently of release announcements in the forum, so may not always be in step.

Information included in this article

Please note that the support files (e.g. those in folder interface) are not part of the commit when creating CumulusMX.exe. This can lead to the zip provided in the release download not matching the release description in the formal announcement. In extreme cases, as some entries in tables below show, it has been flagged where the wrong files are included.

The tables below include

  • version number,
  • date of release (date when the principal changes in the build were first available in a public release),
    • please note that changes to some support files included in a release zip may be made after the build release date without being announced as a new build, and sometimes updated support files have accidentally appeared in zip for an earlier release than that of formal release.
  • build number,
  • summary of any fixes or improvements to existing functionality
  • summary of any new functionality made available in build
  • Basic indication of those files that have been updated, removed, or added.
    • Please note that as "Updates.txt" is updated in every release it does not normally appear in any list below of files that have been updated in an individual release. If you are only copying updated files then always copy in this file, as well as any listed.
    • In a few releases the files included in the zip have had some inconsistencies with what is reported as the changed files. This is generally because either a particular correction was made in advance of other preparation for a new release and forgotten about, or because a minor correction was made after the formal release.
    • For the rare case where the files included are not matched with the commit to form the executable, this may mean although you have a working release for most aspects of MX, some functionality within MX does not work at that release.

There are currently 8 forks off from Cumulus MX on the, with other developers experimenting with Cumulus MX in different ways. Only the Mark Crossley releases are listed below.


This page is a prećis of the information contained in the support forum at Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

As that topic name suggests you should read it before you upgrade to a new release. If you are intending to upgrade to any new release, please read all of the release notes since the build you are currently running.

If you only want to update those files that have changed since the release you are currently using

Best practice is to copy all files included in the release zip irrespective of whether they have changed or not, but this could mean a lot of extra transfers you want to avoid.

The problem is that changes may be made to the source at various times, and the developer my not recall all changes made when a new release is made, especially if it is rushed out to fix a bug. Since the developer updates different files at different times, in-between releases, even the tracking facilities of Git Hub can make it hard to keep track of all files changed. Don't forget the developer is updating Cumulus MX in his spare time, he has a life outside MX.

It is always worth checking the date modified for every file in any release, to ensure you include all updated files, not just those the developer remembered to include in the list of changed files that appears in each announcement.

At the time I typed this, there were 261 files spread through 57 folders in each release zip. It is possible as you read this, that file count has been increased due to extra functionality!

Finding Downloads

All releases can be downloaded on this page, the latest release can always be directly downloaded directly from link at MX Current_Release. Don't forget neither download page will tell you what has changed since previous releases, nor does either page tell you any actions you must take if upgrading from a previous release.

Revision Date

The recent surge in the number of releases is hard to keep up with, so do check in case there is yet another build listed in the support forum, but not yet added below. Normally, before details of a release are added to this page a check is made that the formal release announcement does cover all changes made since previous release, to ensure the entry here is correct.

Latest Update to this page: 28 July 2020 (reporting build 3089)

Crystal Clear info.png This document is 'Work In Progress' so content may not be complete or accurate!

Version 3.7.x

Version Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3.7.0 (28 Jul 2020) 3089 There are quite a few fixes in this 50th release since Mark Crossley took over......see release announcement at There are many new features in this release......see release announcement In release announcement the recommendation is to replace all files

Version 3.6.x

Version Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3.6.12 (10 July 2020) 3088 (wrong files in zip) Fix Davis stations not downloading historic logger data (broken in b3087) Updates.txt, CumulusMX.exe

The release zip contains the wrong files in the interface folder, use interface files for previous build instead

3.6.11 (8 July 2020) 3087 (has bug) Davis TCP logger connections not timing out occasionally; removing wrongly placed Humidity heading on interface Now page; remove units from Humidex; FTP log file handling in Extra Files, with EOD option on the first of the month; Improve web tag token parser performance; Cumulus (Zambretti) forecast now works with localised compass points; Internal optimisations (watch out for new issues!); Extra Sensors log file added to the backup routine; previous months log files (monthly and extra) added to the backup on the first of any month Feels Like added to the default web site trends temperature graph; "<currentextralogfile>" tag available in Extra Web Files to specify the variable extra log file name - it works the same as the existing "<currentlogfile>" tag; Uplift the SFTP component from a 2016 version to new beta version - supports more encryption methods and key file formats; Further additions to shutdown code for all stations; Adds new web tag <#RecentFeelsLike> \CumulusMX.exe; \Renchi.SshNet.dll; \interface\now.html; \webfiles\js\cumuluscharts.js

There is a error in the compiled code for this release, use the CumulusMX.exe from next build instead of one in this release zip

3.6.10 (24 June 2020) 3086 Davis WLL wind values when using units other than mph; poor performance of wind direction charts on the MX interface and base web site Make end of day SQL inserts asynchronous; Use a fixed timestamp for all EOD operations, Changed Saturated Vapour pressure formula again used for feels like (replaced formula introduced at version 3.6.8 build 3084) \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\charts.html, \interface\js\charts.js, \web\trendsT.htm, \webfiles\cumuluscharts.js
3.6.9 (withdrawn) 3085 Davis WLL wind values when using units other than mph; poor performance of wind direction charts on the MX interface and base web site Make end of day SQL inserts asynchronous; Use a fixed timestamp for all EOD operations \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\charts.html, \interface\js\charts.js, \web\trendsT.htm, \webfiles\cumuluscharts.js This release is withdrawn
3.6.8 (18 Jun 2020) 3084 (has bug) Simplify realtime SFTP error detection and recovery; Change the default web site Gauges page to not show pop-up graphs by default; Fix for Ecowitt GW1000 stations when sensors go offline/online (wind and rain values); Fix for GW1000 stations wind gust values when using units other than "mph"; Fix for GW1000 stations with WH34 type sensors and firmware 1.6.0 or later. You *must* now use firmware 1.6.0+ with WH34 devices; Fix crash when creating the graph JSON files when file in use by FTP; Fix for rc=y parameter not working with the <#intemp> web tag; Fix low contrast menus on admin interface; Fix HighCharts theme on admin interface Charts page, and default web site Trends page;Fix for web tags <#daylength> and <#daylightlength> to display "24:00" if they last all day (they still allow custom formats) Changed Saturated Vapour pressure formula, and apparent temperature formula used for feels like (previous formula introduced at version 3.5.4 build 3075) There is a critical error in the feels like formula used in this release \CumulusmX.exe, \interface\charts.html, \web\trendsT.htm, \webfiles\lib\steelseries\scripts\gauges.js
3.6.7 (8 Jun 2020) 3083 Add catches for real time MySQL updates and all real time file failures Adds Station (Absolute) and Altimeter pressure values for Davis WLL stations Updates.txt, CumulusMX.exe
3.6.6 (1 Jun 2020) 3082 real time SFTP reconnection on failure problems in b3081; Change ini files to use 17 significant figures for decimal values (up from 15); Davis WLL health data decoding when the WLL is LAN attached; minor edit to log file editors - changing "Cancel" back to "Close" No new features Updates.txt, CumulusMX.exe, \interface\js\datalogs.js, \interface\js\extradatalogs.js, \interface\js\dayfileeditor.js
3.6.5 (28 May 2020) 3081 real time FTP timeout/recovery issues encountered in b3080 re realtime.txt; sun rise/set and dawn/dusk calculations when there is one event but not the other in a single day No new features Updates.txt, CumulusMX.exe
3.6.4 (26 May 2020) 3080 Ctrl-C not being handled when running under Linux/mono. Now handles SIGTERM and console Ctrl-C; realtime FTP getting stuck on "already in progress" Adds support for Ecowitt GW1000 WH34 8 channel "User" (soil and water) temperature sensors; New web tags <#UserTemp1> - <#UserTemp8>; ExtraLog file has eight new fields appended - UserTemp1-8 Updates.txt, CumulusMX.exe, \Extrafileheader.txt, \SampleStrings.ini, \interface\extra.html, \interface\js\extradatalogs.js, \interface\js\extrasensors.js
3.6.3 (21 May 2020) 3079 Reverts to b3076 FluentFTP; long standing random Cumulus.ini/today.ini corruption when shutting down on Windows; Oregon WMR928 extra temperature only sensors No new features Updates.txt, CumulusMX.exe, FluentFTP.dll
3.6.2 (19 May 2020) 3078 Removes the double line feed introduced in last release for realtime.txt No new features Updates.txt, CumulusMX.exe
3.6.1 (18 May 2020) 3077 yesterdays Feels Like values in Admin interface Today/Yesterday screen; Changes GW1000 default Lightning distance to 999 (all user units), and time to 1900-01-01 00:00:00; fix for incorrectly positioned degree unit for bearing in Current data screen; Changes the wording from the "Close", "Edit" buttons on the file editor dialogs into the more meaningful "Cancel" and "Save" respectively. Adds Feels Like to realtime.txt file as field 59 PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A BUG IN realtime.txt GENERATION; Adds a new web tag <#LastRainTip>, which unlike existing <#LastRainTipISO> will accept a date/time format string Updates.txt, CumulusMX.exe, FluentFTP.dll, \interface\now.html, \interface\js\datalogs.js, \interface\js\dayfileeditor.js, \interface\js\extradatalogs.js
3.6.0 (4 May 2020) 3076 Allow records editors to read log files from Cumulus 1 versions; correct spelling error on record editors; Ecowitt GW-1000 devices can bypass the auto-discovery mechanism if it is disabled in the config
   NOAA reports now include degree, minutes, seconds symbols, AvgTempToday changed from double to string, 
Slightly enhanced program termination logging, Implements highs/low/records for Feels like, Changes to ini files to add Feels Like - Adds [FeelsLike] section to today.ini, yesterday.ini, month.ini, year.ini, alltime.ini, monthlyalltime.ini; Changes to log files monthlog.txt - adds field 27, feels like; dayfile.txt - adds fields 47-50, high feels like, high time, low, low time;

Changes to the MYSQL database tables are required: Adds column FeelsLike to the Monthly table: Adds columns MaxFeelsLike, TMaxFeelsLike, MinFeelsLike, TMinFeelsLike to the Dayfile table

New web tags: <#HighFeelsLikeRecordSet>, <#LowFeelsLikeRecordSet>, <#ByMonthFeelsLikeHT>, <#ByMonthFeelsLikeLT>, <#ByMonthFeelsLikeL>, <#ByMonthFeelsLikeH>, <#YearFeelsLikeHD>, <#YearFeelsLikeLD>, <#YearFeelsLikeHT>, <#YearFeelsLikeLT>, <#YearFeelsLikeH>, <#YearFeelsLikeL>, <#MonthFeelsLikeHD>, <#MonthFeelsLikeLD>, <#MonthFeelsLikeHT>, <#MonthFeelsLikeLT>, <#MonthFeelsLikeH>, <#MonthFeelsLikeL>, <#feelslikeH>, <#TfeelslikeH>, <#feelslikeL>, <#TfeelslikeL>, <#feelslikeYH>, <#TfeelslikeYH>, <#feelslikeYL>, <#TfeelslikeYL>, <#feelslikeTH>, <#TfeelslikeTH>, <#feelslikeTL>, <#TfeelslikeTL>

The following web tags have been updated to accept a "tx=n" parameter, where n=1-8 and equals the desired transmitter id. Omitting the tx= parameter or using tx=0 makes the tag function as before for Davis VP2 systems. <#DavisTotalPacketsMissed tx=n>, <#DavisNumberOfResynchs tx=n>, <#DavisMaxInARow tx=n>, <#DavisNumCRCerrors tx=n> New web tags for WLL transmitter reception percentage and RSSI figure, these must be used with the tx=n parameter <#DavisReceptionPercent tx=n> - defaults to tx=1, tx=0 is unused; <#DavisTxRssi tx=n> - defaults to tx=1, use tx=0 to get the WLL WiFi RSSI

Updated record editors; Updated log file viewers/editors; Adds battery and reception data for Davis WLL. It now logs battery and input voltages to the MXdiags. These are updated every 15 minutes and require you to have a WeatherLink Pro subscription.

The WLL unlike the VP2 console provides individual data for each transmitter

Updated ExportMySQL.exe to version 1.1.0 - Incorporates the new Feels Like data; Uses compass point "-" for Calm; Reads customised compass points from strings.ini if set

\CumulusMX.exe; \dayfileheader.txt; \ExportMySQL.exe; \Extrafileheader.txt; \monthlyfileheader.txt; \interface\alltimerecseditor.html; \interface\extrawebfiles.html; \interface\index.html; \interface\monthlyrecseditor.html; \interface\now.html; \interface\thismonthrecseditor.html; \interface\thisyearrecseditor.html; \interface\todayest.html; \interface\js\alltimerecseditor.js; \interface\js\charts.js; \interface\js\datalogs.js; \interface\js\dayfileeditor.js; \interface\js\monthlyrecseditor.js; \interface\js\thismonthrecseditor.js; \interface\js\thisyearrecseditor.js; \interface\json\StationOptions.json

Version 3.5.x

Version Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3.5.4 (25 Apr 2020) 3075 bearing zero on the user interface "Now" page, user interface charts popup, "normal" Extra files, Moon Phase messages All web tags that produce decimal number output now support the "rc=y" option; Additional Davis WLL health info dumped in the MXdiags log on start-up and every 10 minutes if debug logging is on (voltages, uptimes, WiFi RSSI etc); Logs warnings to the command line console and log file if voltages are too low; Adds BatteryLow Alarm for WLL (Console [if you have an API key] & Tx), VP2 (Console & Tx), GW1000 (Tx), and adds a new web tag <#BatteryLowAlarm>; Adds new web tag <#feelslike> - calculated using the JAG/TI formula (that extended earlier wind chill definitions), it is regularly used in the UK, Iceland, USA, Canada, and some other countries. \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\alarmsettings.html, \interface\alltimerecseditor.html, \interface\index.html, \interface\now.html, \interface\todayest.html, \interface\js\alarmsettings.js, \interface\js\charts.js, \interface\js\dashboard.js, \interface\js\now.js, \mqtt\DataUpdateTemplate.txt, \mqtt\IntervalUpdate.txt, \webfiles\js\cumuluscharts.js
3.5.3 (14 Apr 2020 again) 3074 Backs out changes that created bad file paths in b3073 \CumulusMX.exe, \web\webfiles\lib\steelseries\scripts\gauges.js
3.5.2 (14 Apr 2020) 3073 Improvements to MQTT processing setting for MQTT to force IPv4/IPv6 connectivity, Sensor Contact lost flag/alarm for Davis WLL devices, GW1000 raw Lux value is now available via the <#Light> weg tag, three new web tags...
  • <#timeJavaScript> - returns the current date/time in JavaScript milliseconds. Example use = "var dt = Date(<#timeJavaScript>)"
  • <#directionTM> - returns todays max wind gust direction as a compass point
  • <#directionYM> - returns yesterdays max wind gust direction as a compass point
\CumulusMX.exe, \MQTTnet.dll, \web\webfiles\lib\steelseries\scripts\gauges.js
3.5.1 (10 Apr 2020) 3072 "Stop second instance" of Cumulus running now made optional; indexT.htm had missing quotation mark in moon image reference Implements the "record set" web tags. These will be set from the time of the record until a timeout value (default 24 hours); New Cumulus.ini file settings \CumulusMX.exe, \web\indexT.htm
3.5.0 (9 Apr 2020) 3071 "Stop second instance" of Cumulus running made mandatory; hung update interval (S)FTP sessions getting hung; <#moonage> web tag support for MQTT output; Tidy up of /interface folder to remove unused files; Removal of Highcharts scripts from the distribution; support for generating a Moon Phase image; New Cumulus.ini file settings New Files: \Licences-Additional.txt, \MQTTnet.dll, \mqtt\DataUpdateTemplate.txt, \mqtt\IntervalTemplate.txt,\web\MoonBaseImage.png

Updated files: \CumulusMX.exe, \FluentFTP.dll, \Newtonsoft.Json.dll, \interface\ - [Many changes, delete and replace], \web\indexT.htm, \webfiles\js\cumuluscharts.js

Version 3.4.x

Version Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3.4.6 (23 Mar 2020) 3070 station wind chill on Davis WLL devices, auto-discovered Davis WLL Station-Ids not being saved to the config file More robust failure handling for realtime FTP connections, Additional diagnostics output in the console and log file for badly formed web tags \CumulusMX.exe only
3.4.5 (13 Mar 2020) 3069 web tags <#MoonPercent> and <#MoonPercentAbs> Adds Editors for: Dayfile, Monthly Logs, Extra Logs;

Widens the time windows for the Moons phase names

\CumulusMX.exe and most files in \interface\....
3.4.4 (8 Mar 2020) 3068 NOAA yearly report, re annual averages for temperature and wind detects invalid CumulusMX.exe command line parameters

Adds a new command line parameter -debug

\CumulusMX.exe only
3.4.3 (6 Mar 2020) 3067 Cumulus.ini: a station configuration screen option: disable the entry/update of the stations IP address via auto-discovery (ZeroConfig) \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\json\StationOptions.json, \interface\json\StationSchema.json
3.4.2 (5 Mar 2020) 3066 Improved error handing for invalid Davis WLL Station Ids; Improved error handling when the network connection to a Davis WLL is lost (and restored) Data Stopped alarm to the Dashboard and Alarm Settings screens; DataStopped handling to Ecowitt GW1000 devices; auto detect a GW1000's IP address on startup \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\alarmsettings.html, \interface\index.html, \interface\js\alarmsettings.js, \interface\js\dashboard.js
3.4.1 (27 Feb 2020) 3065 WLL if you change the logging interval around a catch-up period, gust values from WLL devices WLL broadcast data watchdog and warning, implements DataStopped flag

Cumulus.ini: readonly setting, AutoUpdateIpAddress

3.4.0 (19 Feb 2020) 3064 Monthly Records editor for dry/wet periods; Beaufort calculations; Davis VP2 and WLL; FTPS on realtime FTP updates Cumulus.ini: DisableFtpsExplicit; use as a "logger" option; <#MoonAge>;FTP Now does a full update interval process (not just FTP files); console checks (if online link up) if newer MX version available \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\json\StationOptions.json, \interface\json\StationSchema.json

Version 3.3.0

Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3063 (10 Jan 2020) Ecowitt Soil Temperature/Moisture/Leaf detector channel numbering; today's rainfall during CMX start-up; GW1000 Lightning data decode; date on <#Snow*> web tags; and if Cumulus.ini inherited from Cumulus 1 generated files:

Changes the [FTP Site] section name to [FTP site] Changes NOAA default monthly name if it reads "NOAAMO'mmyy'.txt" (MX believes "mm" means minutes, not month) into "NOAAMO'MMyy'.txt (which works on both Cumulus 1 and MX)

diagnostic logging info for Lacrosse WS2300 stations \Renci.SshNet.dll (new), \CumulusMX.exe, \FluentFTP.dll, \interface\json\InternetOptions.json, \interface\json\InternetSchema.json

Version 3.2.x

Version Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3.2.6 3062 (28 Dec 2019) monthly records editor for stations with a met day starting at 9am range checks for latitude and longitude values \CumulusMX.exe
3.2.5 (15 Dec 2019) 3061 MonthlyAlltimeLog.txt, missing WLL station description This Month and This Year records editors, FTP Now option \CumulusMX.exe
3.2.4 (10 Dec 2019) 3060 uncaught Web exceptions in Davis WLL, Monthly Records editor log file '\CumulusMX\data\monthlyalltimelog.txt' for 'MonthlyAlltime.ini' file changes \CumulusMX.exe
3.2.3 (4 Dec 2019) 3059 Monthly Records editor Cumulus.ini file automatically backed up each day/program start \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\alltimerecseditor.html, \interface\monthlyrecseditor.html, \interface\js\alltimerecseditor.js, \interface\js\monthlyrecseditor.js
3.2.2 (3 Dec 2019) 3058 default website pages header not wrapping on small screens, All Time Records editor Monthly Records editor Updated files: \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\<allfiles>.html, \web\<allfiles>T.htm

New files: \interface\monthlyrecseditor.html, \interface\js\monthlyrecseditor.js

3.2.1 (29 Nov 2109) 3057 WMR200 stations writing a zero value Apparent Temperature, Dashboard for IE browser,default website index page header not wrapping on small screens, Davis stations connected via TCP/IP to detect failures Solar calibration settings offset and multiplier \CumulusMX.exe
3.2.0 (19 Nov 2019) 3056 All Time Records editor, missing Cumulus multipliers, to catch badly formed Davis WLL broadcast messages, cases producing an initial zero value wind chill on startup support for Ecowitt GW1000 WiFi gateway, lots of new web tags, new Cumulus.ini file setting [Offsets] PressMult = 1.0 (default) Updated files: \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\json\StationOptions.json, \interface\json\StationSchema.json, \interface\<AllFiles>.html, \interface\js\extrasensors.js, \interface\js\alltimerecseditor.js, \interface\js\dashboard.js, \interface\css\main.css, \interface\json\CalibrationSchema.json

New files: \interface\alarmsettings.html, \interface\js\alarmsettings.js, \interface\sounds\alarm.mp3

Although not mentioned in release environment,various library dependencies for CumulusMX.exe were added to distribution in this release - see dll files mentioned inLibrary_Software_for_the_MX_engine.

Version 3.1.x

Version Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3.1.2 (4 Nov 2019) 3055 All Time Records editor \CumulusMX.exe
3.1.1 (1 Nov 2019) 3054 Davis WLL timestamps always being in UTC, now uses local time 0 responses; new editors for 'current conditions' and 'all-time records' Updated files: \CumulusMX.exe, \interface\<allexistingfiles>.html

New files: \interface\currentcondeditor.html, \interface\alltimerecseditor.html, \interface\js\alltimerecseditor.js, \interface\lib\x-editable\bootstrap-editable.css, \interface\lib\x-editable\bootstrap-editable.min.js, \interface\img\loading.gif

3.1.0 (25 Oct 2019) 3053 Mono 5.x generating short month names ending with "." as used for log file names, removes that dot support for Davis WeatherLink Live devices, Cumulus.ini file setting 'EWpressureoffset' for Fine Offset stations, display and generation of NOAA Monthly and Yearly reports Updated files: \CumulusMX.exe, \CumulusMX.exe.config, \interface\<allfiles>.html, \interface\json\StationOptions.json, \interface\json\StationSchema.json

New files: \Tmds.MDns.dll

Version 3.0.2 (13 Sep 2019)

Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3052 Davis archive downloads from the the logger when the day rollover processing takes longer than 10 seconds \CumulusMX.exe, \CumulusMX.exe.config, \CumulusMX.pdb

Version 3.0.1 (10 Sep 2019)

Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3051 For various Davis features Davis archive data processing progress indication \CumulusMX.exe, \CumulusMX.pdb

Version 3.0.0 (1 May 2019)

Build Fixes Additions Files affected
3050 None adding support for locales that use multi-character date separators \CumulusMX.exe and \CumulusMX.pdb
3049 No fixes upload data to \CumulusMX.exe; \CumulusMX.pdb; \interface\json\InternetOptions.json; \interface\json\InternetSchema.json
3048 enable/disable Realtime FTP without having to restart CMX; Instromet stations now record and report rainfall (mm) and sunshine hours to 2 decimal places; Improved real-time FTP error handling; Improved Davis protocol handling; Fix Davis protocol mixing up LOOP1 and LOOP2 packets and consequently providing invalid rain and wind data; Fix web tag <#YearLowDailyTempRangeD> broken in b3047; Bug fixes to FTP Component, and internal changes to FTP transfer mechanism No new functionality \CumulusMX.exe; \CumulusMX.pdb; \FluentFTP.dll; (all updated 2 Mar 2019)

\interface\js\gaugefeed.js (updated 16 April 2019)

3047 Improvement to Instromet logger protocol handling; Change the Fine Offset Synchronised Reads option to default to enabled; Change VP2 automatic disabling of LOOP2 to an advisory message, as the firmware version is not always detected; Consistency: All record Value tags should now return '---' and Date tags '----' until they are first set; changes to moon web tags; Fix for Fine Offset & WMR100/200 stations on Mac operating systems (introduced in b3044); Fix for invalid (extremely high) pressure readings from Fine Offset stations (thanks to 79669weather) masked out 2 highest bits on data [1] with 0x3F to reduce problems with pressure spikes; Fix to not updating the Instromet loggers memory pointer correctly; Fixed Weather Diary Time Zone issues; Bug fixes and performance improvements to the FTP component; Web token parser updated to cope with html tag characters "<>" in the format string; Added new option for the "Extra files" - End of Day Removed: \fastJSON.dll

Updated: \CumulusMX.exe; \CumulusMX.exe.config; \; \FluentFTP.dll; \HidSharp.dll; \interface\js\diaryeditor.js; \interface\json\StationOptions.json

3046 ET annual rollover Weather diary \CumulusMX.exe
3045 Davis TCP; WebSocket connection now uses same port as HTTP (optionally set by -port parameter when starting MX) Added refraction correction; 2nd order humidity correction