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The main cumulus.ini configuration file is located in the directory in which you installed Cumulus.exe. It is a text file containing initialization parameters used by the Cumulus application, and is read only when Cumulus starts up. Parameter lines are in the form 'attribute=value' and grouped into sections. Cumulus re-writes the contents of the application configuration screens to the file when it shuts down.

Each new version of cumulus may add additional parameters set by revised configuration screens (these initially appear at the end of the relevant section), and/or permit additional parameters to be added manually (these can be inserted anywhere within the section). If you are using an old version, then checking the release information may be advisable to identify the sections applicable to your build and the parameters allowed within those sections may be a subset of those listed below.

Live Version

See cumulus.ini for list of sections, attributes and allowed values for the current live version of Cumulus.

Beta builds

If you are using a beta build, there may be additional sections and/or additional parameters (attribute=value) under test. Brief details of such changes will be given in the support forum announcement for the relevant build. Once such changes seem established they should be added here.

Below is a list of the additional items available in any current beta version. These details will be explained fully and transferred to the main page when each beta version becomes 'live'.

File Contents


The entries shown include the default value from the configuration screen where applicable, a typical example value where appropriate, or just the attribute and an equals sign where there is no typical value.

Current Beta

No changes. See main Cumulus.ini_(Cumulus_1) page.