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This category is to be deprecated. Currently, it is only for legacy Cumulus 1


  • This sub-category provides links to pages that give explanations for all of the Log files within Cumulus 1.
  • Descriptions, and tips, can also be found in the Help file within the Cumulus 1 software.

Correcting Log files

Calculate Missing Values, Amending dayfile, and Correcting Extremes, are the pages to look at.


Essentially, there are 4 types:

  1. .ini files - these hold values that represent sums, counts, or extremes, for cumulus to read, and update, as it reads the weather observations, click on links below for details
  2. .txt files - these are the logs that Cumulus updates at defined intervals to hold details of what has happened, but it can also read these files when requested, click on links below for details
  3. .xml file - this holds the Cumulus 1 Weather_Diary. Although it uses standard XML, the component that Cumulus 1 uses also writes a special value that other XML editors will not understand.
  4. .log files, see both this page and this page for Cumulus 1 diagnostics

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