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This page is the new Webtags page. This page and subpages hold a complete rewrite of the Webtags page.

The information that was on this old Webtags page has been moved to Webtags (preserving history). You are advised to use that page until this page is ready and this message has been removed. If any questions or remarks please send a PM to HansR on the forum. Do not use the discussion tab unless accompanied by a PM: there is no automated signal to HansR if you use that page.

This page and its subpages will document the Webtags from the point of view of the CumulusMX software and not the Cumulus 1 legacy software. Cumulus 1 is no longer maintained and will eventually disappear. If you are still using it, please refer to the original Webtags page where @sfws has tried to give both packages equal value. That effort is no longer maintained in this Webtags page. We hope you will understand this approach.

Please do not edit this page while it is being worked on i.e. while this message is still here.

Essential Background Reading

Data gathered by CMX is stored locally in the database (see e.g. dayfile and standard logfiles and a range of ini files, Extra Sensor files, Airlink logfiles etc...) To make these data available to the user CumulusMX (CMX) uses a system of Webtags. In short, a Webtag is a symbolic name which is translated into a value when asked by CMX. So e.g.:

 temp  -> (process) -> 17.1

There are several methods to ask CMX to do this translation all of which will be discussed below (or in a sub-page). Two main methods are

  1. The processing (as Extra Web Files) and
  2. The getting the value by using the local interface GET method.

In the first case you use <#temp> in the file which will then show up as 17.1 in the output file. In the second case you use the URL in your browser: http://<ip-address>:8998/api/tags/process.json?temp which returns {"temp":"12,7"}. This method can give you a quick view of a value but can also be used programmatically from anywhere you can reach the CumulusMX machine.

The first method is used in files used as input for the Extra Web Files in CMX which are then processed by CMX if you tick process The output file then contains the value.

The webtags can have modifiers to change the output or the input e.g. you can change the decimal point to a comma (output modifier). All these will be described below (or in a sub-page)