Webfiles folder

The webfiles (all lowercase) folder in both the legacy Cumulus and MX contains sub-folders and files that need to be uploaded to your web server in a on-off operation, if (and only if) you want to use the standard web pages provided as examples with Cumulus.

If your web server is provided by an organisation, then you will need to use a FTP, SFTP, or FTPS

If your web server is only going to be used for web pages related to Cumulus,

  1. upload the contents of the /webfiles' folder to your root folder (do not create a "webfiles" sub-folder) on your web server.
  2. Preserve the structure for any sub-folders, so files on your web server are in same position relative to root that they were relative to webfiles.

If your web server is to be used for other purposes, you might want to create a sub-folder (perhaps called weather) under your root folder for the contents of webfiles.

The contents of this folder may vary between releases.

For Cumulus 1, please see Simple_Website_setup#Folders_and_Files_to_Transfer_just_Once. There are lots of files, some in sub-folders.

For MX releases 3.0.0 to 3.9.7, the instructions that existed in this Wiki (with list of sub-folders and files) have been removed. But like the legacy Cumulus and later MX releases, you simply copy the entire folder to your web server, preserving structure as described above.

For any release of MX from 3.10.1 onwards, please see 3.10.1 web site installation, although it says no more than has been said above.