About the Cumulus Wiki

The Wiki was founded in 2009 by Daj as a repository for useful documentation regarding Steve Loft's Cumulus weather software. It has expanded to include documentation regarding third-party software that is useful with a Cumulus-driven personal weather website.

As the opening page says, "It is your Wiki" and relies on the documentation efforts of Cumulus users/Wiki members to provide the documentation for display. It is a community effort of weather enthusiasts to help each other.

Please note that Steve Loft has retired in October, 2018, so is no longer providing updates to either Cumulus V1 or Cumulus MX software, both of which are available on the Software/Downloads page.

The Cumulus Wiki was moved by Ken True to his server in October, 2018 as part of the shutdown of Steve's website with his retirement. The Cumulus Wiki was moved by User:Freddie (Niall Hosiene) to his server in October, 2022 from Ken's server prior to further Wiki reorganisation.

Please also read the GeneralDisclamer and Privacy Policy pages for additional information about this Wiki.