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Davis WeatherLink Live

The Davis WeatherLink Live device is fully supported by Cumulus MX.

Cumulus MX also supports historic data catch-up by using the Davis cloud data source - though this does require you to have a Pro licence to enable the feature.

There are a few caveats around this though...

  • You must have at least a Pro subscription for your device on to grant access to the historic data.
  • The new APIv2 used to access the data.
  • The APIv2 keys are now available via

If you meet the criteria, then these are the steps you need to follow...

  1. Sign on to the Davis web site with your normal username/password
  2. On open your user profile, you will see a section titled API Key v2
  3. If you do not already have a key and secret displayed, click "Generate v2 key" to create them. Copy these strings somewhere safe so you can later paste them into Cumulus
  4. Ensure you are running Cumulus MX v3.4.0 or later
  5. If this your first run of CumulusMX.
    1. Add a local firewall rule on your server to enable UDP port 22222 inbound
    2. Go into the Station setup and select Davis WLL as the station type
    3. In the WLL section enter your API key and secret. LEAVE THE STATION ID BLANK
    4. Set up your sensor to transmitter ID mappings if different from the defaults
    5. It is not necessary to enter the WLL IP address if you only have one device, Cumulus should just find it on your network. But if you know it it does not harm to enter it, Cumulus will change it anyway if your WLL ever changes address.
    6. Save the setup
    7. Stop/Restart Cumulus
  6. If you only have a single station registered with, then Cumulus should discover its ID automatically and start using it
  7. But if you have more than one, the Cumulus will list their API IDs and names in the console window.
  8. Note the ID you want to use. Go back into the Station setup and enter the ID there. You do not need to restart Cumulus after that.
  9. Enjoy! Cumulus should now download missing data for periods it is stopped.

There is effectively no limit on how much historic data you can download++, I have tested using a four day catch-up without issues.

Davis impose rate and data limits on the APIv usage- currently they are...

  • 300 API calls per hour, or 2 API calls per second
  • 24 hours of data in any one call

Cumulus honours these restrictions.

The APIv2 uses both a key and a secret that encrypts part of the URL making playback or emulating the API calls by another user impossible. A nice feature other web APIs could emulate.

++Cumulus MX will get the max 24 hours data per call if required, which will give a limit of 300 days of historic data catch-up.