Tnet Cumulus Scripts

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Name: TNET Cumulus Scripts
Type: Web Scripts, PHP
Author: TNET
Contact: 'TNETWeather' via the forum
Last update: 2010-02-02
Version: many

TNET has created a number of PHP based web scripts that support the Cumulus weather station software.

Scripts Available

Some of the scripts available include:

  • Cumulus Server Check Script
  • Cumulus JpGraph Graphs Package **
  • Cumulus GetMetar Include Script
  • Cumulus PHP-GD Avatar **
  • Cumulus PHP-GD Thermometer
  • Cumulus PHP-GD Banner **
  • Cumulus RealTimeLog Script
  • Cumulus RSS Feed
  • Cumulus TNET Webtags Include Script
  • Cumulus WAP Dynamic Page
  • PHP (No Database) Dayfile.txt Parser **

Support Page

All of this scripts were documented on the TNET Cumulus Project Page along with download, individual scripts, documentation and support.

Sadly, Kevin Reed of passed away in January, 2018. His contributions to the weather enthusiast community are legendary in his assistance, his scripts and his graphics site logos/mastheads. Some of his scripts (marked with ** above) are now available at Saratoga Legacy Scripts site. His other scripts are no longer available as his website is now shut down.