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I know you can search, but I wonder if the Cumulus question section should have another heading level grouping: - questions that talk about how cumulus calculates parameters, the relevant option settings, and how different figures interact if you try to change one, and the sequencing of what Cumulus does (including file formats) - questions that deal with installation, and transfer (including upgrades, localisation, supported station types and operating systems) - questions relating to how cumulus works differently for specific stations (fine offset or davis etc)

I'm tempted to add a question about what you can do using the Cumulus editor on the logs, and what you have to do by editing files with cumulus stopped, but I was unsure whether it would be classified as using Cumulus or troubleshooting and whether it was just too complex for one question! Anyway, I probably do not know the answer.

It would be possible (with enough time) to skim through the forum threads and pick up the starting point for the questions that are simply answered with a link to a relevant FAQ, and then perhaps refine the way the question is written (especially the multi-worded ones). Sfws 18:53, 28 November 2012 (UTC)