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Many ISPs now only support Secure FTP due to the open, unsecure nature of standard FTP.

As Cumulus does not currently support Secure FTP an external application must be used. Note that this page is for legacy software 1.9.x.

WINSCP can be used

Looking at http://winscp.net/eng/docs/script_upload_single_file, winSCP can be used to script SFTP. When installing WinSCP, be sure to tick the option to add the installation directory to the search path.

You have to run it by hand once, to allow the SSH key to be trusted, then it works on its own

The following script works well

option batch abort
option confirm off
open User:pass@server
put "localpath\realtime.txt" /remotepath

  • change User:pass@server to your username, password and server name combination
  • change localpath\realtime.txt to the local path on your PC
  • change /remotepath to the remote path on the web server (as seen when you SFTP to the web site)

Save the commands in a text file, let's use the filename "C:\Cumulus\sftp-cmds.txt" as an example.

Now create a batch file with the following contents:

winscp.com /script=c:\cumulus\sftp-cmds.txt

Save this batch file, let's use the file name "C:\cumulus\sftp.bat" as an example.

After creating the batch file, configure Cumulus to call it at each web update interval (using the 'external program' settings on the Internet Settings screen). For this example, the external program would be set to "c:\cumulus\sftp.bat".

If you don't supply an ftp host name to Cumulus, it will create the updated web files locally but not attempt to ftp them itself.

Note that there are (at least) two different secure FTP protocols, SFTP (SSH FTP) and FTPS (FTP over SSL). WinSCP supports both, but you'll need to make sure you're using the correct one for your server.

To upload the 'standard web site' that ships with Cumulus, you will need to copy the following files:

  • index.htm
  • today.htm
  • yesterday.htm
  • record.htm
  • trends.htm
  • gauges.htm
  • thismonth.htm
  • thisyear.htm
  • monthlyrecord.htm

and to the 'images' folder:

  • compass.png
  • hum.png
  • humsm.png
  • intemp.png
  • intempsm.png
  • moon.bmp
  • press.png
  • presssm.png
  • rain.png
  • rainsm.png
  • raind.png
  • raindsm.png
  • raint.png
  • raintsm.png
  • solar.png (only required if you have a Solar sensor)
  • solarsm.png (only required if you have a Solar sensor)
  • sunshine.png (only required if you have a Sunshine sensor)
  • sunshinesm.png (only required if you have a Sunshine sensor)
  • temp.png
  • tempsm.png
  • tempm.png
  • tempmsm.png
  • uv.png (only required if you have a UV sensor)
  • uvsm.png (only required if you have a UV sensor)
  • wind.png
  • windd.png
  • windsm.png
  • windgauge.png
  • windrose.png
  • winddsm.png