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Name: Nederlandse (Dutch) Language
Type: Web templates
Author: David Jamieson
Contact: daj
Last update: 20 December 2009
Version: 1.2

Flag Netherlands.GIF Although Cumulus does not directly support languages other than English, the standard web templates have been translated where possible into Dutch.

Many thanks to Gerard van 't Klooster and 'Nitrx' for their work on the translation.


  • There will be seven files extracted. Copy the six files ending '.htm' and replace the files in your Cumulus 'web' folder.
  • If you are using Cumulus version 1.8.8 build 871 or higher you may also use the strings.ini file included in this zip and place it within your Cumulus application folder. This file includes translations for all the forecast and moon phases.
  • The next time Cumulus performs a web update your site will be in Dutch.

Warning: If you upgrade your version of Cumulus these files will be replaced with the standard files so you will need to repeat the above process. If you make any customisation to these please take a backup before upgrading otherwise you will have lost your work.


A static example is currently available here

Version Control

  • 1.2 Added strings.ini translation
  • 1.1 Fix to 'trends' page, use of 'average' and 'Daily rainfall' labels now translates
  • 1.0 First release

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